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"smart unit business"  provides technical solutions for the information technology business sector, maintenance, and supply contracts for computers, printers, networks, accessories, and components. We are proud of our partnership and success stories with our clients.

Our Services



set of related hardware and/or services that we sell as a single package. from alternative items to compatibility components


you can consistently expect a solid commitment to quality. our personalized options cater to every budget. 


specialized maintenance team,  dependable and full range of support for multi-supplier computers.


centralized system covering purchase, order management, and back-to-back order sales.


with well-managed ICT will certainly lead to more competitive, and focusing on enhancing business performance


increase your printer life, by printer maintenance service, we provide it on-site or at our location


I was pleasantly surprised by the quick response time for all our maintenance-related issues.  They definitely go out of their way to accommodate our requests and put in extra time and effort to help us cut down our downtime.

ready to find out more?

"smart unit business" is an agile IT services provider powered by a  multi-talented of well-experienced professionals providing customers with cutting-edge solutions that not only meet technical demands but also help customers achieve their business objectives in today's challenging environment.

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