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technical solutions
for your industry


The role of IT in healthcare and medical facilities cannot be emphasized enough in today’s evolving environment with ever-changing needs. "smart unit business" helps you modernize your operations with robust and responsive healthcare IT support which will only improve your service quality. We supply all kinds of medical-related IT equipment and set it up for you with exclusive tech support and maintenance.

Banking & Financial Services

With more and more banking and financial services going online, banking and financial services heavily rely on networks and connectivity all over the world. Being a sensitive industry, we understand the demands of computers, hardware, networking, and maintenance challenges for the banking sector and are fully equipped to work through them.   


Over the years, "smart unit business" IT services helped various enterprises within the Education sector to grow and develop into more competitive, modern, and technically sound services. We have partnered with schools and training facilities providing them with state-of-the-art equipment and creating network solutions for their improved service delivery. 


The telecom sector requires constant IT support and maintenance, as their entire systems are connected through intricate networks. Our cutting-edge solutions meet all sorts of technical demands and specialized in providing alternative items to compatibility components for streamlining business operations for improved efficiency. 


"smart unit business" also works with a number of government institutions catering to their unique IT demands, providing Hi-Tech hardware to match their needs. Our centralized system for order and supply management saves precious time and speeds up the procurement and maintenance processes for larger orders. 

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