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establishing the solid IT layout to propel your business forward 

"smart unit business" helps you create an effective IT network system that becomes the backbone of your business operations 

Whether you are starting off with a new business or looking to improve operations on an existing one; we are here to provide agile and efficient networking solutions that are the most relevant and current computer network systems available. 


A good computer network can make or break your business. With an unreliable or underperforming network, you cannot hope to compete in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. With the high reliance of businesses on e-commerce, it is even more essential to keep your networks updated, smooth and efficient. 


. Cost-optimized networking solutions 

You need a network connection that is rock solid and a network supplier that is even sturdier. Our quick delivery and upgrade of your IT infrastructure and computer network will save you some precious time and a lot of money. Our professionals will optimize your budget, providing creative solutions to source the right computer network products specific to your business scale and requirements. 


. Helping you create the best computer network systems

"smart unit business" excels in creating network systems down to the finest details. 

  • Premium quality switches

  • Hi-tech network security appliances

  • Leading brand devices

  • Wireless LAN products

  • Security CAMs and Digital Surveillance

  • Mobility management

  • Licensing and technical support

  • Servers setting up and maintenance 

  • Testing equipment

  • Monitoring devices


. A demand-driven solution

The advantage of having a professional and experienced team by your side is that you don’t have to worry about requesting anything no matter how out of the ordinary We will find a way to cater to your demands in a way that supports your business operations.  

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