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for all your printers and digital imaging needs

. From equipment supplies to maintenance to repairs and after-sales service. We got you covered.  

. Printer sourcing & installation

"smart unit business" is a reliable and seasoned supplier of the highest quality hardware equipment related to printing and imaging.  We source top-of-the-line printers, printheads, print servers, and more. We deal with all kinds of printers’ supply and installation including leading brands including:

  • Complete range of HP printers, Deskjet, inkjets, laser printers, copiers, and imaging solutions 

  • Canon printers and copiers, all models and variations

  • Epson printers

Depending on your specific business requirements, we also give technical consultancy for the kind of printers you need, the level of technical advancement suited to your business. WE help you select and source the best products for your budget. 


. Printer repairs

Our expert team of professionals demonstrates a tremendously skilled level of technical proficiency and provides services for a variety of printer products. We are fully capable of repairing all kinds and brands of printers and related products; whether you need it on-site or in our shop.

. Printer maintenance

"smart unit business" printer service offers a thoroughly flexible approach to providing maintenance services for your printers, be it inside the warranty period or after the warranty. We also create tailored contracts for printer maintenance for your specific requirements.

. Printing consumable

Printers require cartridges, ink, and other imaging products. With "smart unit business", you have a consistent and reliable sourcing partner for all your consumable needs. WE offer an extensive range of cost-effective consumables for your printers, be it Thermal, Impact, or Laser printing equipment. 

. Support services

Additionally, you can also contact us for support. We help you optimize the life and working of your printers with support services, making sure that you enjoy the balance between quality and cost-effectiveness.

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