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your one-stop shop to cover all your business hardware and software solutions  

We provide a set of related hardware software installation, maintenance, and support services that you can avail of in a single package.


. Customized technical solutions

From alternative items to compatibility components, "smart unit business" offers cutting-edge technical solutions catering to all your business needs. We provide business software programs and applications related to your company goals. We also source business software solutions from top-of-the-line manufacturers and providers. 


. Cost-effective business IT solutions

No matter what your budget is, we find the best possible and affordable solutions for your business hardware and software needs. We supply all our hardware with Data protection software, network monitoring software, and everything in between. We offer a complete range of solutions and business software, programs, applications, etc. to keep your business running optimally. 


. Licensing and updates

When you partner with us, you can leave the headache of the upkeep of your system hardware and software. Not only do we take care of the installation and maintenance, but we also handle the licensing of software, updating of systems, and everything else. 


. While you need to put maximum effort into your business progress, you need the support of the best possible IT business hardware and software solutions that "smart unit business" so adeptly provides. 

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